Campaign of the Month: June 2022

Baldur's Gate

They Tried To Make Me Go To Rehab

But I Said No, No, No

The second month of downtime started with Oliver going to the Steel Dragon Inn to look for work. A shady looking elf asked to sit with him and brought beer, but for some reason Oliver forgot how to speak and couldnt answer. Eventually he remembered, and said yes. The elf offered him a job on behalf of the Harpers – a man named Vasq is coming to Baldurs Gate, and he works for an evil organization. He asked Oliver to capture him alive and bring him to them.

The group met for the first time this month, and everyone noticed that Raoden is looking very sickly, tired and ragged because he never stops his research. Each party member payed a 100 gold and spent 10 days looking around the city for magic items, and eventually found out that a man in the Blushing Mermaid has some. Indeed, in the Blushing Mermaid was Stanley Fisher, ex adventurer. In the end it turned out that like every other merchant in the city, he only has consumables, and Raoden bought a Universal Solvent.

Later that day, Raoden decided that he really wants to research the Mage Armor and Catapult spells. After tedious research, he managed to learn how to cast Catapult, but the Mage Armor spell eluded him. Instead of giving up, he took some coke and spent another 10 days researching without sleeping.
At the same time, Sergor and Aria went to the blacksmith to buy armor, and on their way discussed Sergors relationship and Aria’s hobbies.
Meanwhile, Oliver went to Finley and asked him for a potion of flight so he could once again dance with hamster.

All this time, Finley was working on Norolds stuff, and every now and then brought potions to Holly. When he was done, he went to the Baldur’s Mouth and asked to publish an ad looking for Faye Orwen – everyone who will contribute to a reunion between Finley and Faye will receive a 100 gold (and if Faye herself sees the ad, please come and say hello).

During his time in the Steel Dragon, Oliver overheard someone telling a story about a ship black as night with a white pearl on its sail haunting the seas next to the city and that no ship is safe. He claimed that it’s because the people have angered Umberlee, and that the evil ships crew is entirely made of undead. As it turns out, Olivers undershirt has the same pearl symbol.

While Raoden was working in the workshop, completely high on drugs, Catheera Provoss arrived and told him that she joined the Lamp of Learning to become a wizard like him. She wanted him to come eat breakfast with her because she was worried about him, but he was too busy working and basically ignored her until she left.

At his uncle’s in Little Kalimshan, Sergor heard a knock on the door. Outside was a boy who told him that a man in a red cloak is looking for him. Sergor found the man, who told him that Albereth Redshield, the Red Scion, the leader of the Order of the Red Falcons has invited him to the Citadel of Strategic Millitance to join them, and that he has to be there in 5 days. Upon his arrival at the heavily fortified citadel, a cleric approached him and asked him if he agrees to join the order. Sergor agreed, and was led to Albereth who was waiting for him in the church, and performed a ritual that accepted Sergor into the order. Later, there was a feast in his honor where they discussed the strategies of the battle of Shadowdale.

Gerald, continuing his research into the murder of Aria’s father, found out that the flaming fist officer who killed him wasnt really a flaming fist officer and was probably a guild assassin in disguise. He told Aria his findings over a nice dinner.

Sergor and Aria went to bisit Kaelyn, Sergors ex girlfriend. They initially broke up because her father, a rich person and as close to nobility as could be found in Little Kalimshan, didn’t approve of Sergor, but now that he is a hero of Baldur’s Gate, the father decides to back the marriage and rearranges for it to happen. Sergor wanted to wait for his family, but at Kaelyn’s request they decided to marry in the coming spring.

Back together, the party went to the Scientific Society. Raoden was looking terrible as usual, with long and unkempt beard and hair, constantly twitching and basically only skin and bones. He kept mumbling about a breakthrough and was constantly fighting with Max. Sergor tried to buy him some meat so he will eat something, but Raoden said that meat is disgusting and asked for fish instead, which he ate whole, scales and guts included. and obviously hurt himself in the process. The group decided that enough is enough, and took him to the hospital. Raoden tried to escape, but Oliver who was wise enough to sneak behind him caught him. In the hospital he was tied to the bed and began a treatment for addiction.

Now actually at the Scientific Society, the group saw that the place was full of weird machines and inventions. They met with Waylen, and Finley asked his professional opinion about the half scroll. He said that the other half was possessed by a woman that came to him some time ago – Faye. Finally, Finley asked him for help with obtaining some of the ingredients on the list.

At the hospital, Raoden was forced to see a therapist, Doctor Leonard Komthorn. The Dr tried to have a conversation with Raoden, who tried to ignore him, so he turned on music that hindered his concentration. Doctor Leonard tried to discuess Hatdog with Raoden, who was surprised that he knew of it. He told him that his friends told him all about it, but Raoden said that they cant be his friends because they wanted him to suffer. The Dr tried to convince him otherwise, but Raoden interrupted him and said that talking to him angers the big guy in the sky.
The following day, they once again talked about the party bringing him there, and Raoden said that it angers the controller – the big man in the sky. The doctor asked him about Hatdog, but he wouldnt tell him anything about it because he thought he wouldnt understand. Eventually, Raoden was escorted back to his room.

Meanwhile, Sergor visited Borm, who asked Sergor to join him in the Parliament of Peers meetings, to which he agreed. He also went to visit Jefor, who wasn’t there. Gavin was there, and they talked a bit about Jefor being very busy and if they were coming to the wedding, and they parted ways.

On the next day, Raoden and the doctor discussed if Raoden still wanted to do drugs, to which he said yes because it helps him channel his genius. Raoden tried to show him by casting Catapult on the doctor, but obviously nothing happened. Doctor Leonard guessed that Hatdog was about bringing back Raoden’s old dog back to life, and told Raoden that he really isn’t that smart and special, and that its a bad thing to bring back the dog from his blissful after life, and so he gave Raoden a mental trick – everytime he wants to do something, he should think about whether the people that Raoden is doing the action too would also like the thing to happen. They went on a walk, but Raoden said the controller is bored and that he wants to go back, so the doctor told him to think about the trick, and Raoden came to the conclusion that leaving would upset the doctor, but he left anyway to think about Hatdog, so the doctor played the annoying music again.

On their next session, Raoden told the doctor about his theory – that the controllers made everything and they control the story and the people in it. The doctor told him that he was crazy and stupid because of his theory and the drugs. The doctor called for us, and we came to help so Raoden wont be sent to the asylum. In a group meeting, the doctor asked Raoden to tell us about his theory, but the party was not convinced. The doctor gave Sergor a potion of intellect, which made him super smart, and he still wasnt convinced by Raodens arguments. The doctor asked about the second and evil Max, but Raoden said that he doesnt remember when he first appeared, but that the last time he saw him was when he stopped taking drugs. He said that he wont come because of the people in the sky. The doctor tried to convince him that its all a figment of his imagination, induced by the drugs.