Wyrm's Rock

Wyrm’s Rock is a Flaming Fist fortress, named for the standing rock on top of which it is built.
The rock stands high in the middle of the River Chionthar, and was the center point for Wyrm’s Crossing.

The fortress is charged with the taxation of any merchant caravan, ship or traveler crossing over or under the bridge. A large tunnel funneled those wishing to cross under the fortress, where they can be easily inspected and taxed.
Crossing the bridge has a price of 5 cp per head.

A draw bridge is situated on each side of the fortress, allowing the Fist to easily block land traffic. The draw bridges are raised every night.

The fortress is well protected. 25-50 members of the Flaming Fist are stationed there at all times, equip with projectiles and bows that can be fired from murder-holes and arrow slits while protected behind the thick, granite walls.


Wyrm's Rock

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