Wide, the

The Wide is Baldur’s Gate market district. It is the only place in the upper city where lower city residents could walk around freely without being harassed by the Watch.
It is known for it’s public forum debates and various markets, where wares from all over the world are traded.


The Wide is home to many of the more prominent merchants in Baldur’s Gate. Many live on the upper level of their stores, while others own and rent entire buildings.
Dues to the nature of the neighborhood, you can see all sorts in the Wide (though Manorborn and Temples residents usually don’t come here, and send their servants instead.


Most buildings in the wide were designed with trade in mind. Most have shops on the lower level, and residences on top. They are undecorated, simple and practical.
The streets aren’t as wide as other upper city neighborhoods, except for the main road leading from the Black Dragon Gate into the market.


Trade of all types (except for slave trade. Slavery is not legal in Baldur’s Gate) is allowed in any part of the Wide. The market – the Wide itself – holds the largest amount of trade, but all streets surrounding it have stores of all types as well.

Wealthier merchants tend to wear finer cloths to exude authority, but tend to avoid mimicking the style of other upper city neighborhoods to avoid antagonizing their lower city clientele.

Wide, the

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