Whitkeep is a small neighborhood that houses many of the Gnome tinkerers of Baldur’s Gate. Many of the residents work in the Hall of Wonders and the High House of Wonders and help build the inventions of the Gondar priests.


The exterior architecture style is similar to the rest of the city, but the interior is usually made of smaller, more numerous floors and rooms per building.

It is common to see old, rusting, broken or rejected contraptions used as decorations in this neighborhood. They are used instead of gargoyles, and the largest of those even as statues in the streets.


The worship of Gond is paramount in Whitkeep. His symbol is seen carried by many, and prayers in his name are heard often.

Trinket-building competitions are a common site at local taverns, where acolytes of Gond test their skills against one another. The winner customarily uses his earnings to buy a round of drinks for everyone.


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