Water Queen’s House, the

The Water Queen’s House is Baldur’s Gate oldest temple, originally established by the pirates and sailors who used this location before the city was built (though its exact location has changed since then. The temple in its current location was built in 1358 DR).



The part of the harbor on which the temple is built is afloat, held in place by large columns beneath the waves. This allows water to flow beneath the temple.


The inside of the temple is made of wide docks, built like bridges over the ocean’s water beneath, which are exposed by the floating dock beneath the building.
At the end of each such dock stands an alter upon which sailors pray.
The temple has only two rooms:

  1. The Flood Tide’s personal prayer room. No one else is allowed inside that room without the Flood Tide’s permission.
  2. A guard room for the priest night watch.

the temple does not include lodging for the priests, who live in the city.


The temple is led by Flood Tide Allandra Grey, who is leading 20 Waveservants (priests of Umberlee).

Water Queen’s House, the

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