Watch, the


The Watch is the police force of Baldur’s Gate Upper City. Their authority ends at the inner walls, and they do not patrol outside the Upper City.

The watch prides itself on knowing every resident of the Upper City. They issue small wood or silver badges for Lower City residents that require passage or work in the Upper City, and enforce the curfew each night, vacating Lower City residents from the Wide and the streets.


The Watch was founded during the Spellplague. Though the city itself was mostly unscathed by the carnage, it was quickly filled with refugees and criminals taking advantage of the situation.
The Flaming Fist was overwhelmed, and could not secure the Lower City as well as the Upper City.

At that time, the Balduran patriar decided a security force dedicated for the Upper City was required. They vacated The Flaming Fist from the upper city citadel, and created the Watch.

This created some tension between the Watch and the Flaming Fist. The Fists saw the establishment of the Watch as an indication the patriar are losing faith in their services.

Watch, the

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