Twin Songs

The Twin Songs is known as the “Outer City’s Temples District.” It has temples and shrines for deities most Baldurans are not even familiar with, and does not discriminate between deities – you can find a temple to Waukeen next to a temple to Bane, and no one will raise an eyebrow.


Twin Songs is mostly a residential district. Most residents are Flaming Fist mercenaries, local clerics and proselytizers.


The buildings here are simple, granite buildings, usually one story high. They are small, enough for simple living quarters.

The temples are large halls, usually adorned only with the symbol of their gods.


The district is full of small temples and shrines to various deities. Many outer and lower city inhabitants worship in these temples, as they are barred from the upper city temples during feast days and holidays.

Most commerce happens before or on Wyrm’s Crossing or closer to the city proper.

Twin Songs

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