The lands where Tumbledown now stand were first purchased by the Szarr family, the first of the patriar families to leave the confines of the city walls. The land was relatively safe – reaching it required passage through the city or braving the steep slopes of Dusthawk Hill – and so it was considered relatively luxurious. The neighborhood around it was kept by the family, who provided employment and commerce.
That all changed with the murder of the Szarr family. With the family’s demise, the neighborhood quickly deteriorated until it can now barely be called that. It is often referred to as “the dump” and is avoided by anyone who doesn’t absolutely have to go there. The only tourist attraction is the famous statue of Balduran, watching over the hill down to the river, which was stationed there since before the neighborhood was founded.

The area is said to be haunted by the ghosts of the Szarr family, and is often submerged in a thick fog that many consider unnatural, even though it is not uncommon in other places in the city as well (though some claim it is thicker and remains longer than in other places).


Tumbledown is home to the poorest of the poor of Baldur’s Gate. The residents are only those who cannot afford even the cheapest housing anywhere else in the city.

The residents work in the lowest of jobs – sewer cleaners, grave diggers, etc.
Turncoins and coin lasses avoid residents here, as that drives away customers.


The buildings of Tumble down used to be normal granite houses. Since the fall of house Szarr, the buildings have been left unattended to, and began to crumble.
Nowadays, the buildings are a collection of mismatched wooden patches, often with leaking roofs.

The neighborhood has no sewer, and is often flooded during the winter.


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