Three Old Kegs, the

The Three Old Kegs is known as one of the best inns in the Sword Coast, with comfortable furnishing and a quiet atmosphere.


The inn has four floors above ground and two cellar floors. The lower floors and cellars are built of stone, and the upper floors of timber, with a heavy slate roof.
The ground floor held the main dinning hall, and the top floor held the gaming rooms. The center floors are reserved for bedrooms.
The d├ęcor is old fashioned, with mounted heads on the walls and heavy, comfortable furniture gathered from many homes and manors over the years.

The staff uses an elevator, connecting all floors in one corner of the inn.


Unlike most establishments, the Three Old Kegs is a dedicated inn, not a tavern. The food menu is meager, consisting of nothing but a selection of hot broths and bread. The inn does have a large and expensive wine cellar.


  • Rooms: 8 sp/person/night. Prices include stabling, a plate of bread, bottomless ice water, cold baths and laundry service
  • meals: 1 cp/plate
  • Broth: 6 cp/large mug
  • wines: 6 cp/tallglass
  • A hot bath: 3 cp/person.

Three Old Kegs, the

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