The Smoking Rock

The Smoking Rock is a large three storied tavern in Little Calimshan.

Features a giant colorful rock with holes in it in the middle, every hour scented smoke comes out of it and fills the tavern.
It is furnished with colorful pillows and cushions, odd shaped lamps hanging from the ceiling and incense everywhere.
The tavern is owned by Thakon Steadybearer, a goliath, which ensures that no trouble occurs in the tavern. It was once half the size but due to its success merged with a neighboring warehouse.

The Inn offers a variety of unique Calishite pleasures, such as Coffee Hookah and spicy food. It also offers rooms, which are sparsely furnished, but clean and tidy.
The dining room is large and loud, with many musicians playing with odd Calishite instruments, on rare occasions even joined by the Barkeep himself.


Rooms: 3 sp a night (including stabling; long-term rates or bathing facilities, and room costs do not include food)..
Calishite Breakfast:
Spicy Dinner:
White Russian:


The Smoking Rock

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