The Low Lantern

The Low Lantern is a well known respected tavern located in the south side of the Eastway district, on the border of the Brampton district. It is located in a ship, permanently docked at the harbor.


The tavern consists of three decks:

  1. The highest deck included the bar, two private meeting rooms and several drinking tables.
  2. The middle deck holds gaming tables and some more drinking tables.
  3. The lower deck is split into smaller chambers, separated by curtains, which are rentable by the hour and are usually used by courtesans to entertain clients.

The lower deck often makes people mistake the Low Lantern for a brothel.
Despite this fact, it is actually considered a relatively high-class establishment, serving quality drinks renowned across the sword coast, including (but not limited to):
Westgate Ruby, Suz-ale, Old One Eye, Dragon’s Breath Beer, Luiren’s Best, Shadowdark ale, and Bitter Black.


Laraelra Thundreth, known as “the captain,” is the Lantern’s proprietor.
The Low Lantern’s staff is known as the “crew”, and consisted of ex-pirates.

The Low Lantern

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