The Hammered Anvil

The Hammered Anvil is a Baldurian institution located in the Steeps.

The ancient blacksmithy has existed for hundreds of years at this point, and holds a simple tradition: Each new Master Blacksmith has to appoint a First Apprentice, whom they will train and groom so that one day they will inherit the workshop.

And so the blacksmithy has traded hands from master to apprentice through the generations, with each new master carving their own mark upon the institution.

Presently, the place is owned by Flintcarver and serves a wide variety of clientele from all social strata in the Gate.
It employs several apprentices, with Mal Kidren serving as First Apprentice.

The Hammered Anvil was burnt by the Guild on Eleint 25th.

The Hammered Anvil

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