Stonyeyes is the last neighborhood before entering the city proper, and therefore the last stop for merchant caravans traveling north along the Trade Way.


Stonyeyes is home to many porters making a living transporting goods from merchant caravans unable to enter the city with their pack animals.

A large community of Half-Orcs live here, their strength making them excellent porters, and keeping them outside the city, away from the attention of the city’s residents.


Most buildings in this district are service buildings – warehouses, stables, taverns and inns.
They are built simply and practically to save money.

Very few of the buildings are residential.


The people of Stonyeyes are hard working. They work many hours a day, and tend to socialize very little.
It is customary to have a drink or two after work before heading to sleep.

Because the district caters to traveling merchants, many local necessities are provided in neighboring districts.


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