Steeps, the

The Steeps are the main trade center for ships cargo, as they hold the Counting House, Baldur’s Gate largest bank and money exchange venue.
Many services for sailors are available in this district, including the Water Queen’s House, brothels and taverns.


Most residents of the Steeps are part of those providing the district’s services, but the most common sight is that of sailors coming ashore from their ships.


Residents of the Steeps cannot afford decorative buildings. Most structures are simple, with peeling plaster.
Rooms tend to be small, with most residents living in a one or two bedroom apartment.
Many of the apartments here are rented and owned by citizens of other districts, but they keep them in poor state – housing in Baldur’s Gate is always in demand, so they can charge exuberant prices for little maintenance.

The main streets travel east to west to avoid the sharp incline that gives the district its name.


Residents of the Steeps had to adopt to the sailors’ rough nature, making it one of the rougher lower city neighborhoods.
The residents wear simple clothing to avoid attracting attention, and avoid carrying too much money and jewelry on them.

The Flaming First hardly patrols the streets, preventing from interfering with even illegal activities unless they become too disruptive.

Steeps, the

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