Sow's Foot

Sow’s Foot is known for its livestock and butchering houses. Neighborhoods north of Dusthawk Hill are not allowed to have livestock pens to avoid eastern winds from carrying the scent towards the city, so most of the city’s meat supply is made in this neighborhood.


Sow’s Foot is home to pig farmers, herders and butchers. Most people who are not part of the industry prefer not to live near for the smells and sounds.
These are not wealthy people, but are far from the poorest either.


Most buildings are made of unadorned wood, one or two stories high, with no decorations of any kind.
Most houses have a small sheds attached for the family’s livestock.


The residents of Sow’s Foot are accustomed to death, and are not excited or scared by the sight of blood.
Children are often herders, and start to learn their parent’s trade at a young age.
The streets are often muddy from both water and blood, but the main road is left clean and clear for merchants.

Sow's Foot

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