Social Conduct


When addressing others, these are the proper terms to use:

Recipient Title
Leader of the Council of Four Grand Duke
Member of the Council of Four Duke
Head of a noble house Patriar
Heir to a noble house Young patriar
Non-heir nobles Messere
Former head of a noble house Old patriar, or ’ol patriar (less formal)
Honorary Saer (male) or goodwoman (female)


The following terms are commonly used in the realms:

Modern term Realmspeak Meaning
Agile/sleek Lalandath Used to describe people whose movements are accentuating their natural beauty
Ravenously hungry
Rivvim Used to describe sexual desires or extreme hunger. For example, “Thinking of Davian makes me so rivvim” or “I was so rivvim I could eat that fish raw!”
Angry Darburl
Anyway/Anyhow Anyhail
Astonished/impressed Galad A nonsense word meaning “I’m impressed” or “I’m astonished” (the word includes the “I’m”, so a person will just say “Galad”). Another phrase for astonishment is “Happy dancing hobgoblins!”
Audible alarms Time bells A term used to describe any sort of alarm noise or the tools making it, like temple bells, wake-up gongs, etc.
Barflies hardjaws Garrulous tavern regulars
barkeep Inkeeper/
The person in charge of running the inn or tavern. Usually (though not always) the proprietor
Beau Rose A term to describe a person you are romantically perusing, for example “she’s my rose” or “I want you to be my rose”
Beautiful (person), handsome Spurnarmor
Breakfast Morningfeast/
Dinner Eveningfeast/
highcoin lady (female)
or bright spear (male)/
highcoin lass (female)
or laugh-lad (male)/
coin lass (females)
or turncoin (male)
While all these terms are used for prostitutes, there are big differences between them. A Hidecoin is a high-end escort, while a coin lass/turncoin are the lowest of prostitutes, working in alleyways. Highcoin lady and Bright spear are usually courtesans who cater to higher cliental or those who wish to simulate a more high-end experience. Highcoin lass and laugh-lads usually work at brothels, and are cleaner and more expensive than coin lass and turncoin.
Foreigner Outlander
Foreign goods Outland goods
Glad, heart-lifting,
Thael For example, “I always get thael when I see her”
Hick Hay-nose/
Unintelligent or provincial “country folk”
Hogwash Badaulder Nonesense, dismissive
Holy power Power Describing divine magical powers
Hothead Scorchkettles Used to describe people who habitually deliver impressively blistering words to someone in public
Know-it-all Clevershanks (men)
or Clevertongue (women)
Lover Doe/filly/mare
(for women) or
(for men)
Doe and Stag are more poetic, bardic words to describe female and male lovers, while filly/buck are more youthful and common. Mare/Steed are usually reserved for those who exchange many lovers, for example “Allandra is a mare” or “Laradon is such a steed”. While youths often use it as a compliment, it is also often used pejoratively by the older nobility, for example “Your son is a steed, when will he finally settle down?”
Lunch Highsunfeast
Magic Art or The Art
Marvelous, exciting Brightstar Expressing admiration, pleased sensation, excitement, etc.
Noble Highborn (polite) or Highnose (rude)
Noon Highsun
Nouveau Riche/
“New money”
Brightcoin/Newcoin (pejorative) Additionally, the term “Thruster” is used to describe a person with social ambitions.
Priest Holy-nose (pejoratively)
Swill Throatslake (gulletfire, for beer or wine) Used to describe the worst types of alcoholic drinks
Tomorrow On the morrow
Tonight This night
Try Kell Used to express disbelief at a future attempt of a nigh impossible feat, for example “Are you really going to kell climbing that mountain?” or “I’m going to kell stealing that painting.” It is not used in polite conversation


Modern curse Realms’ curse
Damn it (not religious) Hrast
Dung Naeth
Fuck you/Fuck off Sabruin
Go drown yourself, right now and painfully Straek
God damn it Haularake
God damn it! Sark (more powerful form of Haularake)
Hell take us all Hells!
Screw Stlarn/Stlarning
Shit Naed

Social Conduct

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