Silk Curtain Theatre

The Silk Curtain Theatre is a respectable establishment located in the Wide, near the Heap gate.
Its location makes it impossible to cater to the lower classes during the evening, but it does put on two morning shows each week.

The theatre is known for its high quality productions. Many bards seek to improve their skills enough to be given a position in the theatre, but only few are ever chosen.

Several patriar families support the theatre financially, though it has suffered a blow to its budget with the fall of house Ravenshade, who were one of its biggest patrons.
Since its fall, the theatre has had to allow lower class of performances to use its space while no performances are showing.


The building is pentagon shaped. Each corner is decorated by a large statue of a god: Milil, Lathander, Sharess, Tymora and Lliira.
There are three large doors facing towards the upper city, each arched and centered in one of the building walls.

A long hall allows for banquets before and during intermissions.

The center of the theatre has a closing roof. During summer performances, it is opened to the sky, and closed for the winter.

Silk Curtain Theatre

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