Seatower of Balduran, the

The Seatower of Balduran is the Flaming Fist ‘s largest fortress within the city of Baldur’s Gate.

Built on a rocky island at the center of the harbor and accessible only through a highly exposed bridge, the fortress is heavily supplied, including its own armory and smithy, Gondar-built trebuchets and a massive chain which can be raised to block the entire harbor.

The tower is also used as Baldur’s Gate’s prison, making it almost impossible to escape from.


The fortress’ massive walls are built as close to the water as possible to allow invaders no foothold on dry land.

Five guard towers surround the fortress’ courtyard, where the fists train. One tower is dedicated to the fists officers.

Natural caverns beneath the fortress are used as the city’s dungeon, most of it beneath sea-level, making escape almost impossible.


At least 100 flaming fist mercenaries are stationed at the fortress at any given time, along several dozen officers.

Seatower of Balduran, the

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