Situated between two large fortresses – the Seatower of Balduran and Sewer Keep.


Seatower hosts most of the city’s Flaming Fist members, as well as many services used by the mercenary company – tanners, blacksmiths, armorers and others.
The cluster of such services has drawn other industries to the district, such as cobblers, stonemasons, carpenters and more. It is also home to the city’s famous Hissing Stones Bathhouse, the only building in the city built in the Chessentan style.


Most buildings are two to three stories high, with shops on the street level and apartments on top. They are practical, and often spacious enough to hold workshops at the back.
Most buildings are unadorned, with few decorations in the streets.
Soot covers many of the buildings, and streets are often full of smoke from the district’s many chimneys.

Many small shrines to Gond are situated across the district, as well as many taverns that offer cheap lunches and drinks.


The residents tend to wear simple cloths that they don’t mind getting dirty, as well as leather aprons atop.
Off-duty Flaming Fist mercenaries usually prefer to have their leisure activities in other districts.

The different artisans in the district have an unformal, friendly competition to test their skills. Great skill in your craft will earn you much respect in the district.


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