The only neighborhood on the southern bank of the river Chionthar.
Much like Blackgate, many merchants use it as a resting stop for their caravan workers instead of paying their passage across Wyrm’s Crossing.


Most residents of Rivington are service providers who themselves avoid paying the crossing fees. Some smugglers and coin lasses also live here, providing services to merchants, guards and workers.
The large traffic makes the residents relatively wealthy, by far wealthiest of all other outer city residents.


Most buildings in the city are granite, two to three stories high.
They are on par with buildings in Eastway or Heapside.


The district is a smaller version of Baldur’s Gate. Commerce and trade are the rulers of Rivington. It is full of services such as inns and taverns, and many smugglers move illegal merchandise between it and Brampton.
Porters and other hired hands can be attained here to replace the (usually) more expensive caravan workers.


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