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Phase 1

Main Quests

Side Quests

Cloakwood Crisis

Jonah received some troubling news from his circle. It might be worth to investigate the nature of those news, once the party is sufficiently prepared.

Deal with the Iron Throne

Rilsa Rael asked the party to kill Marjuline Bravehaven as a payback for the Iron Throne’s attack on their agents.

Independence Day

A spelljammer called Uzkur crash-landed in Toril some hundred years ago. In his diary, he wrote that he hid his ship in an abandoned flooded mine.
Finding the ship could lead to some great treasure, and – according to Finley – would also be “very cool”.
Gamalon Idogyr is the only person mentioned in the book who might still be alive, on this planet, and willing to help.

The Guild’s stashes

A harper told you about Guild stashes scattered throughout the city. These stashes contain equipment and money. They are very rarely checked and even when they are it is never thoroughly. The harper asked you to try to empty them while being unnoticed and keeping them seemingly untouched.

The Wyrm’s Crossing Killer

The Flaming Fist found multiple victims left in their locked rooms with no signs of break in. Their throats were slit, and there doesn’t appear to be any connection between the victims, seemingly random. Perhaps the So Far Group can continue their hobby of solving serial killings.

Xzar on the loose

You’ve been informed that one of the escapees from the Seatower prison was Xzar, a dangerous wizard who is not aligned with the guild.

Wringing Money from a Throne

Oselno, working for the Guild, is blackmailing the Iron Throne by threatening to reveal the names of their businesses, which will ruin their reputation.
You have been asked by Marjuline to fix this mess.


Raoden and Finley have begun working on the creation of a sentient wizard’s hat inhabiting the spirit of Raoden’s Childhood dog, Kitty. Raoden has acquired a custom made, purple wizard’s hat.
Finley and Raoden broke the process down to the following steps:
1.Find the soul of Kitty the dog.
2. Communicate with it and convince it to approach the mortal realm.
3. Summon it into the mortal realm.
4. Bind it to the hat.

Investigate the cult of The Preacher

Raoden has told you about The Preacher, a man going about disrupting religious ceremonies and recruiting people into his cult following the One True God. At least two patriar kids have gone through some sort of trial in his cult, with 1 coming back extremely religious and the other not coming back at all. There also seems to be some vampires involved too.
After witnessing the Preacher in action you tailed him to a dead end, only seeing him use a key on an unlocked door and enter. You realized this must be a magical key and want to talk to Marzat Creekleaf about it.
She told you it must be a unique item with both conjuration and transmutation powers.

Caldor’s mother, Hallena, seems to be willing to cooperate with you to save her son.

The grave keeper’s chest

Under the bed in the old and abandoned grave keeper’s house you found a locked chest. Inside the chest was the corpse of a human female who was seemingly locked alive according to the scratch marks inside the chest.
After asking around you found out that a few years after the grave keeper’s disappearance his wife disappeared as well.

The haunted cemetery

Ever since the collapsing of the Tumbledown cliff which opened up the graves of the old Tumbledown graveyard there has been rumors of ghosts and paranormal activities in the graveyard’s area during the night. Rumor says that the ghosts of Szarr family came back to haunt them after their graves were exposed. A few years after the cliff collapsed Baurdy , the grave keeper, disappeared leaving no trail behind him. Inquisitor Adreanon Bernham said there have been incidents of grave robbing, and it was the Flaming Fist’s belief that the grave keeper was killed and disposed of during one such incident. Upon visiting the graveyard, you were attacked by a vampire thrall wearing a vest befitting a grave keeper.

Pocket of gems

You found a small sack of gems hidden in one of the slate crates shipped from the Whitburn’s query to the families estate.
After being informed Gerald said he would look into this matter.

Personal Quests

Completed Quests

Phase 1

A Garados Caravan

Sergor was notified by his order that a caravan of Garados will reach town in about 2 tendays, and was instructed to destroy it before it reaches the city.
The So Far Group dispatched of them adequately, and Sergor turned in their holy symbols, which were forged in a symbol of The Red Lady for him to wear proudly.

Lighthouse Trouble

You heard that the lighthouse in Ulgoth’s Beard stopped working regularly, causing ships to crash at the mouth of the river Chionthar.
This was due to a combination of disgruntled villagers and outside evil influences. You successfully disposed of secret cult and renegotiated the terms, leaving both Baldur’s Gate and Ulgoth’s Beard satisfied.

Encrypted Gith diary

You found an old encrypted diary written in Gith in the ruins of Ulcaster’s School, but what does it hold?
You paid Keinder the code breaker 2000 gold to start working on the decryption. He also told you he would waive the payment in exchange for a purple pearl that is only found in the underdark.
After a king’s sum, Keinder translated the diary. It was Uzkur’s Captain’s Log. Continued in Independence Day!

A perfect potion of Heroism

In order to become her apprentice Raoden was tasked by Marzat Creakleaf with creating a perfect potion of Heroism. He has a month to accomplish this feat, and if he manages to make a better potion than the other apprentices she will accept him as her apprentice.
Raoden completed the potion and was accepted as an apprentice, partly due to the competition being deceased.

Serial Disappearer

There’s been a streak of disappearing people, who were suspectedly murdered as blood streaks splatters were found where they disappeared from.
You found a acidic goo creature that entered Finley’s lab through the sink, and followed the trails of it to the source. It seemed to have been some sort of creature made of alchemical waste, sent by none other than Marzat’s apprentice to get rid of the competition. You defeated him and reported back to the flaming fist.

Hand over the full set of signatures

During an investigation into the series of cult murders, you met an adoring fan. He asked you all to sign his poster of the Baldur’s Gate Five, but since Finley wasn’t there he asked if you could please get him to sign it too so he can have the full set and bring it back to him. After getting Finley’s signature, Sergor hand-delivered it to a happy Mikayel.

A series of Cult murders

You were tasked by Holdran Blazespear with tracking down and stopping the ongoing series of cult murders occurring inside Baldur’s Gate. You’ve managed to track down the mad man behind these murders underneath the Hissing Stones and stop him.

Find Vasq

A mysterious elf who works for the Harpers offered Oliver a job – find Vasq, a newcomer to Baldur’s Gate who works for an evil organization.

You were given a tip by Isi saying that Vasq was recently seen in Beregost.

You found Vasq in Beregost, as an archaeologist on an expedition to the ruins of Ulcaster’s School.

You helped him on the expedition, eventually killing a necromancer who took over the school. In his treasure, you found the ritual to restore Raoden’s connection to Max, and a the Vile Book of Evil Darkness.
You betrayed Vasq and handed him over to the Flaming Fist for the bounty.

Pick up the gilded flower petal

On Hammer 2nd Raoden commissioned a gilded sunflower with inlaid gems from a goldsmith. It was said to be ready for pick up in 10 to 15 days.
Raoden picked the petal up and is planning to use it for a secret spell he is too cool to share with us.

Prologue – Murder in Baldur's Gate


Torlin Silvershield purportedly hired Norrid Runecoat to manufacture barrels of smokepowder with which to blow up the patriarchy. This is probably a bad idea and should be stopped.

The Rotten Patriars

Torlin Silvershield tasked the group with gathering information on the patriars who were bribed and took part in the plot on the late Adrian’s life. He gave the group a list of three suspects who might have given the bribes to begin their search with – Norold Dlusker, a wool trader in the lower city. Ysra Brackrell, a sorceress out of Wyrm’s Crossing And lastly Laraelra Thundereth, the proprietor of the Low Lantern.

Sewage Strike

Torlin Silvershield tasked the group with solving the sewer worker’s strike by any means neccessary. He said the Patriars would not negotiate with them on any terms.
Rilsa all but admitted to organizing the strike, and said she would stop it if the party gets some patriars of her choice arrested for corruption. She said she’d point them to where to find the incriminating evidence.

The Ranger’s Hand

Rilsa Rael thinks that someone is framing the outer city for the vandalism of the Beloved Ranger statue. She is willing to pay good money to know who did it. You’ve discovered that Sereon [familyname] and friends drunkenly cut it off, then absconded from the city. You’ve apprehended the group and delivered them to Torlin Silvershield, who requested you don’t divulge the information to anyone.

Robbin' The Hood

Rilsa Rael has asked you to rob the toll collector at the Outer City gates, and deliver the money to The Guild.

Choose a side

You were approached by Torlin Silvershield and asked to meet him in his office after Abdel Adrian's funeral. Ulder Ravengard asked you to come meet him in Wyrm's Rock after Abdel Adrian's funeral. A mysterious figure in a cloak asked you to meet him at the gates to Little Calimshan at dusk. This ended up being Rilsa Rael in disguise.

Returning Day

Jefor Carnavon asked you to protect the Returning Day ceremony in the Wide.

Investigate the Cult of the Dead Three activity in Baldur's Gate

You were asked by Jefor Carnavon to investigate the activity of the Cult of the Dead Three.

Side Quests

Get the Prism painting

A merchant in the Wide has an original Prism painting. He is willing to part with it for 1,000 gp and an exact replica so his wife won't be mad at him.

Apprehend the Black Rider

The Black Rider, a mysterious figure riding on a matte black horse during the night has been kidnapping young Patriar kids. He was even seen somehow crossing the bridge at night when it was closed. The Hand Jobs successfully apprehended him on during Another Hand Job Performed To Completion

Pick Up Armaments

Finley needs to go pick up an armor and shield order at the The Hammered Anvil in 3 days time


Marshal Ravengard suspects some of his officers are corrupt and are taking bribes from Duke Silvershield. He also believes Officer Thrask might be planning a mutiny to undermine Ravengard’s reputation.
You learned that the mutiny is really led by Thrask, and is joined with watch men. They want to replace Ravenguard and end the rivalry between the two organizations. You were asked to stay out of it.
Thrask was executed by Ravengard.

Murder and Theft

You found out Evie was murdered for her money. This cannot go unpunished.
The murderer was Daril, who found out that you don’t get a-head in life by murdering innocents, and was delivered some stone cold justice.

Horse Thief

You promised a farmer that you’ll return his horse, which Daril stole.

All Inked Up

Sergor has started the process of getting a face tattoo. It’s gonna take 2 day of work and a month of recovery. Sergor completed the tattoo.

Alchemical talks

You were told Valen Velda would be able to talk to you later this tenday.
An enlightening conversation with Valen led to the realization that Faye visited him a few months prior. He agreed to help with The List.

Pick up the Altar and tokens for the Creators

On Hammer 2nd Raoden commissioned a wooden altar depicting 6 people sitting around a table, and several tokens with the same imagery. They were said to be ready for pick up in 2 days.
You picked them up and started distributing some tokens.
You’ve also desecrated an altar to Velsharoon in favor of the Creators.

Meeting With The Hawke

Harren Hawke wants to meet the So Far Group on the 20th of Hammer.
You’ve met with Harren Hawke and he told you about his apprentice Kaul stealing his magical key (making him the preacher)


Morren the fishermen lost contact with his friend Morran the cyclops. It is of the utmost priority to reunite them.

You found Morran researching the golden stag and informed him that his family is looking for him. Since you ruined his research he headed back home.

Sound the Sirens

Marzat requested Raoden bring her a Siren Matriarch’s pearl. The So Far group successfully retrieved one, all that’s left is to bring it back.

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