Parliament of Peers, the

The Parliament of Peers is the advisory body to the Council of Four, and was in charge of electing new grand dukes when a position was vacated.

The parliament was constructed of 50 members, 12 of whom were denizens of the Lower City, and the rest were of the Upper City. The Outer City has no representation.

The parliament held its meetings at the High Hall. The meetings were open to public observers, unless the discussed subjects were secret or in regards to the city’s security.

Meetings were assembled each day during the afternoon, but attendance was not mandatory unless the subject was of great importance.
After spirited, often contentious, debates the parliament passed its decisions and recommendations to the Council of Four for their consideration.

The parliament is known to consult expert sages on various subjects, often even inviting them from other cities if the need arose.

Parliament of Peers, the

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