The nobility of Baldur’s Gate, referred to as “the patriar” or “patriar families”, do not posses any real titles.
As everything else in Baldur’s Gate, they are defined by their wealth, though the exact amount required to become a patriar is not defined. The older patriar families are not keen on defining “Newcoins” as part of them, but often they have no choice when one gains enough money and influence.

Baldur’s gate only has two real noble title – duke and grand duke. It is uncommon to address nobles by foreign titles such as lord, except by their own tenants. Instead, the word “patriar” is also used to address the heads of noble families (both men and women). Heirs are often called “young patriar”. Those not in the line of succession are usually addressed as Messere for males and Dama for females.

Noble Houses

Belt – Horse breeders and sellers.
Bormul – Sharing a lineage with an Amnian family of the same name, invests in silver mines and vineyards.
Caldwell – One of the city’s oldest and richest families, investing in art and wineries.
Dlusker – The Dulskers are barely regarded as a patriar family, after losing most of their fortune. They now hold few businesses in the lower city.
Durinbold – traders in sheep and wool, owning many flocks of sheep.
Eltan – Descended of the famous Grand Duke Eltan, who founded the Flaming Fist mercenary company, though they no longer play a role with the mercenary company.
Eomane – Whale- and fish-oil manufactories, along with highly in-demand perfumery.
Gist – Producers of various dyes within the city.
Guthmere – The owner of a Baldurian butchery along with a number of tanneries.
Hhune – Originating from the realm of Tethyr, the Hhune family married into the Baldurian patriar and maintain strong ties within the secretive Knights of the Shield.
Hlath – Cafes owners.
Hullhollyn – Owners of a fleet of merchant ships.
Irlentree – Merchants and members of the city’s Merchant’s League.
Jannath – Mine-owners.
Jhasso – Named after the Baldurian merchant who helped found the long-standing Seven Suns Trading Coster, and part owners of it to this day.
Linnacker – Like so many other patriar families, the Linnackers held investments in other lands; they own gem mines in the southern realm of Tethyr.
Miyar – A member of the Merchant’s League, they control many businesses related to the repair and resupply of wagons that came into Baldur’s Gate.
Nurthammas – Ship supplies for long sea voyages.
Oathoon – Importers of a variety of quality wine and fine spirits into the city.
Oberon – Owners of many of the dry docks situated within Gray Harbor.
Rillyn – Wise investors and moneylenders, known for their use of guild-sponsored enforcers to collect their debts.
Sashenstar – One of the city’s most well-known patriar families, the Sashenstars own multiple investments and businesses and are members of the Merchant’s League.
Shattershield – The only non-human patriar family, the forebears of these dwarves undertook the original construction of Balduran’s famous city wall.
Tillerturn – Along with being prominent landowners and renters, they trace their lineage back to the original four Dukes that founded Baldur’s Gate.
Vammas – This mercantile family controls much of the trade between Baldur’s Gate and the ports of Chult.
Vannath – Recently married into the Baldurian patriar, the Vannath family originated from Neverwinter but fled the city following the destruction of the city after the eruption of Mount Hotenow.
Vanthampur – Providers of civic engineering services for the city.
Whitburn – Owners of a slate quarry east of the city.

Fallen Noble Families

Provoss – While previously well-off, the Provoss family became near-destitute after the loss of their cattle herds. They still have their manor in the Citadel Streets, though many say they will soon be unable to afford it.
Ravenshade – This family made their wealth trading in precious gems and fine jewelry. They were accused of treachery and other crimes and their assets taken from them, and the head of the family was executed. His son and heir was imprisoned by the Flaming Fist, and the fate of the women is unknown.
Szarr – The first patriar family to leave the city walls, they were once wealthy merchants and farmers. They owned much of the land that later became Tumbledown. The entire family was murdered over the course of a single night by assassins hired by an unknown rival house. It is rumored that their ghosts haunt Tumbledown.


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