Manorborn is the oldest of Baldur’s Gate’s neighborhoods, built to house the farmers that took over Balduran’s wall’s construction.


Manorborn is home to wealthiest of Baldur’s Gate’s patriar families, many of whom are members of the Parliament of Peers.
It is almost impossible for newcoins to find a manor or mansion in this neighborhood. Any family that has a property here does not let go of it easily.
It is also home to several notable mages and sages, including Ragefast and Krammoch Arkhstaff.


The mansions of Manorborn are large, with intricately decorated exteriors. statues, fountains and gargoyles are a common site. They are usually square, with 2-3 stories and no external columns. Most of the original gardens – remnants of the farms the neighborhood was based on – have been replaced by more mansions, with very few private gardens left. Few have been transformed into public gardens.

Wide, cobbled boulevards separate the mansions, with wide stretches of grass and dirt where large trees are grown to provide shade and a green view for the residents.


Residents of Manorborn are nobility to their core. As Baldur’s Gate represents the intrapreneurial spirit of mortal, they believe they represent that intrapreneurial success.
Cloths are colorful and eye-catching. Large, feathered hats and laced gems are a common site, designed to exude success.
Jewelry is common on both men and women, as well as decorative walking sticks even for younger residents.

The residents spend their time in leisure activities, while servants run their errands.

Lower city residents are not strictly forbidden from the city, but they will be harassed and questioned by the Watch to discourage their presence.
Soliciting, loitering, panhandling and street hawking is strictly forbidden. Very few shops are successful enough to afford a business here.


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