Little Calimshan

A walled community of Calishite refugees, Little Calimshan is like a city within a city.


The residents of Little Calimshan are strictly Calishite in origin. They arrived at Baldur’s Gate during the Spellplague, when Calimshan was under the yoke of the genies, but were barred from living inside the city proper.
Many of them are escaped slaves and lower class citizens who had no money to live elsewhere.


Little Calimshan buildings are built in the Calishite style – the houses are tall and built like steps, with small gardens on the roofs of the floors below.
squat domes are decorating many of the roofs, and the streets are narrow and cramped.

Those who can afford it decorate their buildings with brightly-colored, intricate geometric forms painted over the plaster, and their doors shaped with domed, pointy tops.

The neighborhood is divided into Sabbans by short walls, and the entire district is surrounded by a tall wall with round, domed towers.


The calishite residents are unwelcoming to and suspicious of strangers, especially after the rough welcome the refugees received from the city’s inhabitants upon their arrival.
They tend to speak their native tongue of Alzhedo and dress in the Calishite style.
They have established direct trade with Calimshan, and some of the best Calishite goods can be found here instead of in the Wide.
They tend to wear baggy, colorful trousers and turbans. Men often wear open vests over bear chests or white shirts. Women wear puffy sleeved shirts of bright colors.
Both men and women wear flat, pointed slippers.

Little Calimshan’s hawkers are known for their negotiation skills, and it is common to haggle over everything. In fact, one can gain much respect from the residents if she manages to haggle a particularly good deal.


Little Calimshan

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