Hissing Stones, the

The Hissing Stones is Baldur’s Gate’s largest bathhouse. It is one of the city’s oldest buildings, and is a favorite meeting place for representative of local factions, merchants etc. Many deals were agreed upon within its steamy halls.

The bathhouse is run by Merilyn Allaryr, a young Moon Elf. She keeps the bathhouse free of any violence or lewd behavior, and her staff is known for their confidentiality and discretion, making the bathhouse a popular place for secret meetings.


The Bathhouse is the only building in Baldur’s Gate built in the Chessentan style – the heavy, square, flat roof is held by large, round stone columns. The walls and floors are covered with bright-color mosaic of pleasant, relaxing images.
The main halls are filled with cold baths, the western side of the building holds steam rooms, and the eastern side holds the hot baths.


  1. No weapons are allowed inside the bathhouse.
  2. Customer are only allowed to wear the house’s own complementary silk robes.
  3. No violence or lewd behavior of any kind is permitted inside the bathhouse.


  1. 2sp for daily access.
  2. 5sp for a session with a sinew soother (massage).
  3. 1gp for a curative salt bath.

Hissing Stones, the

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