High House of Wonders, the

The High House of Wonder is the greatest temple in Baldur’s Gate – the temple to Gond, build across the street from the Hall of Wonders in the same style.
The Balduran nobility and government are the main patrons of the temple, which is both a popular tourist attraction and a practical source of income – the inventions and experiments of the Gondar priests are highly sought after by the city’s denizens.


Aside from the massive prayer halls, the temple contains dozens of workshops of all types.
Like the Hall of Wonders, it is built of white marble, surrounded by huge columns, and blue roof tiles.

The number of floors differ at each part of the temple, but the rooms are always large and spacious – even the priests’ courters are large and meant for multiple occupants.


The temple is led by High Artificer Torlin Silvershield.
The Gondar clergy is diverse and popular, wearing simple, comfortable robes fit for working in the workshops.
The priests are also responsible for the running of the Hall of Wonders. The hall‘s entry fee, shop and private tours are an important part of the temple’s income


High House of Wonders, the

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