High Hall, the

The High Hall, also know as the Ducal Palace, located in the center of the Temples District in the Upper City, is Baldur’s Gate’s main government building.
It is home to the Council of Four‘s meetings, the Parliament of Peers’s meeting halls, the courts and the mausoleum for past grand dukes.


The High Hall was previously used as one of the city’s earliest fortresses. It has its own exterior wall, but its main keep was redesigned through the years to resemble a manor house rather than a fortress – dotted with elegantly-designed windows, adorned with grand spires and gargoyles that took the place of siege weapons that sat upon the parapets in years past. The roof of the keep had been retrofitted to collect rainwater, which flowed through aqueducts designed by priests of Gond to contribute to the city’s renewable freshwater fountains.

The wall surrounds a central courtyard with a small public garden lined with benches and intersected by numerous walkways.


High Hall, the

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