Helm and Cloak

The Helm and Cloak is a high-end inn, located at the heart of the upper city, a short walk away from the High Hall and the Hall of Wonders.
It was extremely popular with locals and travelers, and is used as the local headquarters of the Knights of the Unicorn, who rent almost the entire upper floor. They had a particular taste for Saerloonian glowfire wine, and often purchased whole barrels in one evening.

The inn is in fact two connected buildings:

  1. The Helm – The southern and larger of the two buildings, facing towards the Hall of Wonders.
    The common room of the Helm is decorated with a marble carving of a unicorn’s head that featured a bronze horn. superstitious folk touch or kiss the horn for good luck.
  2. The Cloak – The northern and smaller of the two buildings, facing towards the High Hall.
    Before the inn’s establishment, the Cloak was the house of a priestess of Sune. Her décor – ceiling paintings depicting numerous scenes of passion and rampant pleasure – remains to this day.

A huge, old, iron helm and a tattered cloak are hanged above the inn’s door. Legend says the helm once belonged to a titan.


The inn provided many services, including dinning, lodging, bathing, cloth-mending, dressing assistance and a vast selection of drinks.
It is known for its excellent service, such as warmed robe and slippers delivered to one’s room upon waking. All services except stabling and dinning are included in the room fee.


  • Mead and milk: 5 cp/glass.
  • Wine: 3 gp/tallglass, 10 gp/greatgoblet (a huge silver flagon, containing as much as a bottle), or 25 gp/hand cask.
  • Food platter: 1 gp each.
  • 100 gp/barrel, but only to long-term residents like the Knights of the Unicorn
  • Rooms range from 7–15 gp/night, depending on size and location.
  • tabling costed an extra 2 gp/night/animal.

Cook – Laran, an obese woman with a dirty apron, protective of her kitchen staff. She keeps a very clean kitchen.

Helm and Cloak

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