The dominant residential area for the lower city, Heapside used to be a generic name for the lower city, as it was the original settlement outside the city walls.


The residents of Heapside are various and numerous. They make up the largest plurality of the city’s population.
Many local providers live here to supply services to the residents, buying supplies from merchants going to to the Wide and selling them to other residents for a profit.


Clinging to the upper city’s wall, it houses one of Baldur’s Gate’s most known tourist attractions, the Sorcerous Sundries and its magnificent, colorful dome.
It also houses the infamous Blushing Mermaid, one of the city’s shadiest inns, where all sorts of lowlives and ruffians conduct their shady deals.

Most residents are the owners of their own homes. The houses are well maintained and kept, with simple decorations.

Several shrines are situated in the neighborhood, the most famous is the shrine to Ilmater.


The residents of Heapside are simple people, the day-to-day folk that make the city run. They are hard working people, wearing simple cloths.


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