Harrowilt Asylum

Harrowilt Asylum is Baldur’s Gate’s only psychiatric institution. In past days, insane people were locked in the deepest dungeons of Balduran’s Sea Tower.

Circa 1359 DR, the elven doctor Handallan Harrowilt (the name was translated from Elvish) noticed a drastic rise in psychological breakdowns within the city, theorizing the cause was the recent Time of Trouble.
He offered the city’s patriar his services in opening a public asylum. The Council of Four allowed the asylum’s establishment, but only outside the city’s wall, and it was established just outside of Cliff gate, where it was eventually surrounded by a neighborhood – Tumbledown.

Today, the asylum is managed by Handallan’s daughter, Senthara Harrowilt.


The asylum one of the only stone buildings in Tumbledown. It has two floors above ground, but rumors say that there are at least three more beneath.
The building is elaborately built, with many details on the exterior walls.

The interior is built with many statues of various gods “looking over” the patients.

Harrowilt Asylum

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