Hall of Wonders, the

The Hall of Wonders museum displays both the pragmatic and fantastical “holy relics” of the church of Gond. It is a religious site to the Gondar faithful, both to Baldurian followers and those from far away.

Entrance to the museum costs 4 swords.

Tourists often confuse the Hall of Wonders and nearby High House of Wonders, the Temple to Gond. As such, locals came to refer to this location as “the Hall”, while the High House came to be known as “the Temple”.



The exterior of the hall was made of white marble, surrounded by huge columns of the same materials.
The huge, double doors are imbedded with the holy symbol of Gond – the white cog. It slowly, mechanically turns clockwise without human or magical interference.


The hall is a museum to the greatest inventions of Gondars and other artificers and artists. The displays change often to show the latest technological advancements from all across Faerûn.
The museum shop sells all manner of Gondar devices, including practical daily-use items as locks, strongboxes with hidden compartments, water pumps, and and even steam dragons.


Hall of Wonders, the

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