Guild, the

The Guild is Baldur’s Gate largest, nearly exclusive criminal organization. It has people everywhere, and is rumored to have infiltrated the highest ranks of Balduran government and patriary.


The Guild is highly organized, with cells operating independently in every neighborhood, Most street-level operatives are unaware of the organizational structure, and can’t identify anyone except their direct superiors. Higher ups know only as much as they need to, thus protecting their superiors.
Such cells are referred to as “gangs” (“the Brampton gang”, “the Seatower gang”, etc.), and is led by a “kingpin”, though his identity is usually a secret even to his operatives.

The guild severely punishes snitches and traitors, usually in a public, painful manner to send a warning signal to others.


The most common Guild operations include protection rackets, gambling rings and smuggling operations.
However, entrepreneurial individuals have been known to engage in blackmail, prostitution, kidnapping and even slave trade.

Guild, the

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