Friendly Arm Inn

The Friendly Arm Inn is a large way-inn north of Beregost, on the Trade Way to Baldur’s Gate.

The inn is a travel destination for merchants and adventurers from the surrounding area.

Ever since an assassination attempt on Abdel Adrian during his adventuring days, all weapons are left with the guards at the gate.

Prices are a little high, but the quality of food, service and accommodations is excellent.


The Friendly Arm was built as a small fort by a cleric of Bhaal.
It is surrounded by a large wall to protect from various creatures living in the area (Gnolls, Gibberlings, Hobgoblins and even Drow).
The wall contains all the support buildings required, including a large temple to Garl Glittergold.

The inn itself is a tall, square, stone building, four stories high.


The proprietors are a couple of retired gnome adventurers, Bentley and Gellana Mirrorshade. During their adventuring days, them and their adventuring party defeated the cleric of Bhaal that resided within and took the keep as their stronghold.


Friendly Arm Inn

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