Elfsong Tavern, the

The Elfsong tavern is famous for the ghostly song of an elven woman that is occasionally heard throughout the structure.


The tavern has two main floors and a cellar, though the latter is off-limits to gusts and is used only for storage.
Despite it being a tavern, the Elfsong actually has two rooms for rent.

  1. The ground floor holds the bar, private booths and some dinning tables.
    The only lighting came from small, blue driftglobes that were there since the tavern was established.
  2. The second floor contains the two luxurious bedrooms, Alan Alyth’s bedchamber, a large dinning room and two private dinning rooms: the Beholder room and the Displacer Beast room, named after the mounted heads they contain.


While Alan tends to the bar, his staff includs order-takers, Falten and Yimiur; three cooks, Chenna Fatrabbit, Azar Valsheem, and Klav Martilmur; and two bouncers, Klank (actually a suit of animated armor) and a half-ogre named Skoona.

Elfsong Tavern, the

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