Durlag's Tower

Durlag’s tower is an ancient ruin built on a patch of rock south of the Wood of Sharp Teeth.
It is one of the most infamous dungeons throughout the Sword Coast.


The tower was built by the dwarven mage Durlag Trollkiller to house his clan and treasures from his adventuring days. The tower was protected by various traps (both magical and mechanical, designed by Durlag himself).

Durlag went mad after his clan was infiltrated by doppelgangers. Legends say he slaughtered his entire clan, including his wife and children, to get rid of the scourge, an action that drove him insane as the creatures changed faces to his loved ones, forcing him to slay then over and over.
Durlag vanished after his clan was destroyed, never to be seen since.

Through the years, many adventurer groups have found their end at the depth of the tower’s dungeons, searching for Durlag’s legendary treasure hoard.


The tower has 4 levels above ground, and many more below ground.
It was built in the dwarven fashion – thick, round wall surrounding a flat-roofed, squat tower.

Legends claim there are entrances to the underdark deep within the tower’s dungeons, but no one was ever able to find them from the outside.


Durlag's Tower

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