Brampton is often used by smugglers crossing wares in boats across the river to avoid the taxes at Wyrm’s Crossing and the gates.
It is a relatively poor neighborhood, full of sailors, brothels and taverns.


Brampton is the poorest of the lower city’s neighborhoods. The residents are mostly sailors and low-income workers – porters, coin lasses, turncoins and the likes.


Closer to the port, small warehouses are stationed in close quarters.
The buildings are large – many of them used to be warehouses themselves – but divided into much smaller quarters inside. It is hard to find more than a single bedroom apartment in this part or the city.
Restrooms are communal, many outside the actual residential buildings.

The architecture is simple, square and not well maintained with peeling plaster.
The streets are misleadingly wide – they are not clean or well maintained, but contain many sewer entrances to drain the water flowing into the city from Dusthawk Hill, preventing floods.


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