Blushing Mermaid, the

The Blushing Mermaid is a low-end, cheap inn in Heapside, frequently visited by sailors and porters.
The buildings was old and seemed to be falling apart, surrounded on three sides by outhouses, stables and enclosures.

The lobby’s ceiling was adorned with a crudely carved, half-nude, life-sized mermaid. Blackened, shriveled, severed hands of unpaying patrons and thieves were hanged behind the counter wall.

The rented rooms are filled with mismatched furniture, and were lockable with iron or wooden bars. The bar is open 24/10.
The basement holds an entrance to the Undercellar, which makes the establishment even more popular.


The inn offered a variety of cheap drinks, including sea ale, stout, a light, golden lager from Mintarn, and several kinds of strong whiskey. Wine is not available.
It also provided cheap food, including Salted small-fish stew (rotting baitfish boiled with sea salt and seaweed), Bread with drippings (hard-crust nutbread rolls covered with a thick organ meat gravy), A variety of cheeses (sold by the handwheel), Pork, thyme, and mushroom platters, Ale, bread, and fish (meal), Small pickled squid, Whole roasted pigs, Oysters, mussels, and other shellfish (sold by the heap, cooked or raw) and Boiled flounder (house specialty).


  • Rooms: 1 sp per night (including stabling; long-term rates or bathing facilities, and room costs do not include food)
  • Food for mounts: 3 cp per night
  • A platter of fish, bread, and drippings: 2 cp
  • Meat dishes: 3 cp per platter
  • Shellfish: 3 sp per heap (several bushels)
  • Ale: 3 cp per tankard
  • Whiskey for 1 sp per tallglass

Blushing Mermaid, the

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