Often referred to as the “Upper Lower City”, Bloomridge is the wealthiest of the lower city’s districts.


The district is home to the wealthier of the lower city residents – successful merchants, brightcoins, moneylenders, landowners and the occasional inheritors or children of Manorborn residents.
Several prominent sages, clerics and officers of the Flaming Fist and the Watch also reside here.
Though the district is part of the lower city, its residents do not consider themselves part of it, preferring to see themselves as part of the upper city residents, a feeling that is rarely reciprocated.


The buildings closer to the docks are mostly large, square warehouses.
The further up the slope you go, the better the houses get, with the closest ones to the wall already approaching the size and grandeur of Manorborn.
The streets are wide and clean, with regular Flaming Fist patrols to keep the neighborhood safe.


The residents of Bloomridge vary wildly across the district. The further up the slope, the more residents tend to mimic the behavior of upper city residents. The closer to the docks you go, the more rough people become.

The Flaming Fist keeps the upper streets clearer, diverting traffic between Seatower and the rest of the city closer to the docks, keeping the upper streets clear.


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