The Blackgate district is the only one that was formed north of the city outside the city walls.

Because of its location, its residents make their fortune serving the various merchants that are waiting to enter the city proper.

The district is famous for its many stables and other pack animal services, as such animals are not allowed inside the city. Many merchants also prefer to leave their employees at the inns and taverns of the district to avoid paying their tax at the gate. This has brought the establishment of several brothels in the district, though most of those operate in discretion.


Residents of Blackgate, or “Blackies,” as they are referred to in the city, barely see themselves as parts of the city proper.
Most of those who work in the district also work in it. They purchase supplies before it comes into the city, and avoid entering to keep from paying the gate tax.


Being outside the wall makes Blackgate an easy target for criminal organizations, robbers, bandits and even rare raids by monsters hoping to get some bodies before the Flaming Fist arrives.
For this reason, most buildings are simple, easy to replace wooden structures. They are unadorned, usually one story high.


The residents of Blackgate see themselves as a closed community. They are friendly but cautious of outsiders and try to provide the best services possible to compete with those the city has to offer.

They celebrate holidays and festivals on their own, and tend to wear colorful cloths of simple design and quality.


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