Raoden's Staff

An elegant wooden staff with a rounded, purplish crystal held by branches at its top


An elegant wooden staff about a meter and a half tall, with thin, twisting branches holding a rounded, purplish crystal at its top.

Upon closer inspection, the faintest bit of magical energy can be seen swirling within.

Azakah the hag revealed that the staff’s crystal was originally from the Astral sea, but then made its’ way through the Fey Realm, the Shadow Realm, and the Plane of Fire, before arriving in the Material plane. The staff itself was the vessel harnessing its power.
Once Raoden figures out who the original owner of it was, and why the crystal went through those realms, he would be able to unlock the staff’s true power and use it with various crystals for varying effects.


Marzat Creekleaf claimed the staff holds hidden magical powers that may be unlocked by Raoden in some way.

Raoden's Staff

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