Torlin Silvershield

Tall man, with black hair that is graying at the temples, blue eyes, and a gaunt yet fit physique


Duke Torlin Silvershield is a tall man, with blue eyes and black hair that is graying at the temples.
He is fit, the gaunt, and wears bright colors slashed with red.


Duke Torlin Silvershield is the leader of the city’s greatest patriar house, duke on
the Council of Four, high artificer of the High House of Wonders and one of the founders of the Parliament of Peers.

The duke and his family live at the Silvershield estate in the southwestern corner of the
Manorborn district with Evelyn, his wife; their two daughters, Skie 11 and Alana; arid their son, Entar III.

Torlin Silvershield

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