The Preacher

Bearded Human man with no eyes preaching against religion


“The Preacher”, as he’s known, is a mysterious human man with a big bushy brown beard and no eyes within their sockets. He has a light-brown and leathery skin of someone who’s spent many hours in the scorching sun.

He usually wears a flowing robe in the style of the Calishite people, and has a strange breathing apparatus attached to his nose.

He travels around aided by a young teenage guide called Hassan Tariq, a fit young man with blond hair and deep blue eyes.


The Preacher is usually spotted listening to mass sermons, and often times loudly intrudes renouncing what he believes to be the corruption of mainstream religion, urging the populace to abandon their gods and follow the Eternal God, who is the only true God.

Obviously the target of organized religion’s anger, he always seems to disappear just before getting caught.

According to Harren Hawke, the Preacher used to be called Kol, and was also his apprentice two years back.
Kol has a prominent scar on his neck by which Harren Hawke recognized him.
Back when Kol was his apprentice, he had his vision, was younger than Hawke, had no weird religious ideas, and had no real talent for magic.
Apparently he stole his teleportation key from Hawke, the one who created it.

The Preacher

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