Raoden De-Bard

Fey'ri Conjurer With Child-like Tendencies


Raoden is a short fey’ri (but passing for human) fellow, about 1.6m, with light, perhaps slightly sun-worn skin. His hair is a shaggy light-brown mess accompanied by an unkempt brown beard. He has keen, dark eyes bordering on yellow, set atop a face with hawkish features and a ready smile.

Raoden’s most commonly dressed in a long leather jacket covering a green woolen shirt and brown leather trousers, fastened with various belts crossing his body. A fancy diadem and necklace combo adorned with gems seem almost out of place compared to the rough-and-tumble attire, but a single look across the cyan-covered book on his hip and the purple-orb-topped staff in his hand reveal him to be a practitioner of the Art.

If these weren’t enough to paint a picture of the eccentric wizard, you will not be surprised to see him conversing frequently with a yellow-beaked brown hawk that perches vigilantly atop his shoulder.




Raoden De-Bard

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