Oliver Oak

Human Swashbuckler



Oliver is 1.70m tall with tan skin and light green eyes. He has long black hair which’s edges are sea-worn and a long beard that looks unkempt, yet beautiful. His entire back is dedicated to a tattoo of The Pearl. The upper back is tattooed with a large very detailed ship from which dangles a chain of an anchor. The chain reaches the lower back, attached to an anchor that is resting behind a big shiny white pearl (the only actual color in the tattoo). On the back of his neck, beneath his long hair, Oliver has a tattoo of two clashing blue waves recognized by some as the symbol Umberlee.
His usual attire is long leather pants, high leather boots, long sleeved semi-baggy white linen shirt and a long leather coat. He carries two swords – a scimitar and a cutlass, and two daggers hidden in his long sleeves.

A Battle Dancer

Those who fight alongside Oliver notice that the way he fights isn’t the orthodocs way of fighting. His love for dancing doesn’t quite end on the dance floor, but during combat Oliver tends to spin, hop, jump, and stomp the ground in a way that resembles dancing. Not only that he enjoys it more, it helps him dodge, get in and out of sticky situations and sometimes even taunt his opponents who think he’s mocking them.

Isn’t that an odd name for a parrot?

Hamster the cursing parrot is a bluish-purple winged parrot, with an orange body that’s gradually turning green towards his head. He’s been Oliver’s pet, and dear companion for the past 15 years.
The word Hamster is most fluent with is “fuck”. He knows about and uses pretty much every way one can use it, and sometimes even says it with an accent – “fock”.
Although being a pretty smart parrot Hamster does not always know what is said around him. He always curses when Oliver does but he also does so on his own, usually when a conversation is had around him or when he’s talked to, ranging from cursing at perfectly fitting times to extremely unfitting and inappropriate times.


Oliver was The Glossening Pearl’s quartermaster until early 1477.

Oliver Oak

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