Brown-feathered yellow-beaked hawk


Maximillian is a small hawk with brown feathers, a yellow beak, and a fez hat.


Maximillian is Raoden’s best friend and fey familiar.

He is fairly intelligent and quite perceptive, although due to his long lifespan in the feywild he is rather haughty and condescending as well.
Having lived for quite a while, Maximillian considers himself a “scholar of pastimes” – trying different kinds of hobbies, skills, vocations, and studies.

When a young, fledgling wizard unknowingly reached into the aether in search of a companion, Maximillian figured this to be the chance for a new avenue of “research” into new realms and sights unseen, and bonded his soul to that of Raoden.

Since then they’ve been literally inseparable, and even though Raoden is… “a little weird”… Maximillian grew to genuinely like his charge and his childlike wonder of the world, often going along with the silliness and absurdity inherent in such a person.

Seeing the potential within Raoden, he frequently provides him with counsel and assistance as well.


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