Haxilion Trood

A scrawny man with graying hair, grayish skin and beady, black eyes.


Haxilion Trood is a scrawny man with graying stripes in his hair and beady eyes. His skin is pale and grayish and his nose sharp.
He has a grey beard and wears expensive, formal cloths as befitting his station.


As Purse Master, Haxilion Trood is far from being a popular man in Baldur’s Gate, but is considered one of the more honest and trustworthy ones.
He is a world-weary, jaded, cynical, sarcastic-to-the-point-of-cruelty, sour-faced, and sourthinking man. He never forgets a face or a detail, and his reputation for rudeness is born from his blunt, honest-to-the-core observations.

The office’s record-keeping and bureaucracy are the most extensive in the city. Purse Master Trood manages tax and toll collection and records; investment of city funds; and distribution of pay to all city offices and officials, including the Watch. The purse master is also responsible for ensuring that the Flaming Fist takes no more than its proper share of the taxes it collects.

Haxilion Trood

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