Handrel Gloom

A tall noble from Neverwinter, with bright, blue eyes and long, braided blond hair


Handrel Gloom is a tall man with long, blond, braided hair and a kept goatee. He has bright blue eyes and he wears the finest silk suits.


Handrel Gloom is the youngest son of the Gloom noble family from Neverwinter. When he came of age, he was given a small branch of the family business – the trade of magical artifacts. He expanded the business and opened a branch in Baldur’s Gate.
That branch was closed after a scandal, though the details are not clear.
Handrel’s name was on a list of dangerous prisoners who escaped from the Seatower of Balduran while the characters helped the guild break in to the dungeon to stop Ulder Ravengard, given to Aria by Gerald, but was then mysteriously missing from the same list of prisoners given to the characters by the Flaming Fist.

Handrel Gloom

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