Abdel Adrian

A grand duke and Bhaalspawn, savior of Baldur's Gate


Standing at 2.13 meters, Abdel is an exceptionally tall man. His once brown hair is now grey with age, but his hazelnut eyes are as sharp as ever. His broad shoulders hint at his fighting days. His fair skin is now wrinkled and spotted.


Abdel is perhaps the most famous of Baldur’s Gate’s residents.
A Bhaalspawn, Abdel saved the city during the Iron Crisis of 1368, preventing a war with Amn and the slaughter of many of the city’s denizens.
Though his adventures carried him elsewhere, he eventually returned and was granted the title of Grand Duke.

Abdel grew up among the cloistered halls of Candlekeep. Though his departure from the library was an unfortunate one, he eventually became one of its greatest philanthropists.

At the Returning Day celebration of 1482, after the killing of an unidentified man, Abdel has collected all of Bhaal’s essence, and the Lord of Murder was reborn.
Abdel turned into a Slayer of Bhaal, a creature not seen in the realms for over a century, and attacked everyone in sight, until he was stopped by the party and members of the Flaming Fist and the Watch.

Abdel Adrian

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