Campaign of the Month: June 2022

Baldur's Gate

Vampire Diaries

A Butchered Heist

The gang met up at the Steel Dragon to discuss their plan for the Blinding.
They decided to make Max invisible and have him follow The Preacher to gather more information, and grab one of his lackeys while they are separated for interrogation.

The Wide was decorated festively with symbols of Tyr. A huge crowd was standing next to a stage erected by the Statue of the Beloved Ranger. Priests were handing blindfolds. Some fancypants in the crowd had decorated blindfolds, who would ever wear such a ridiculous thing.
A priest approached the Group to give them blindfolds. Raoden wore his immediately to not stand out even though no one else was wearing one yet.

Quickly the place became very crowded, even outer city people who normally were barred from these events were allowed in.
Sergor cast Detect Evil and detected a bit of everything. Feys, celestials, and fiends, but no undead.
Finley made Max invisible and he scouted from above.

A priest of Tyr went up on stage. He cast a spell to raise his voice and started the ceremony.
He spoke of how no one is above justice, not even the gods himself. Tyr blinded himself for his failures in the times of trouble. In reverence to this show of blind justice, his followers blindfold themselves on this day.
He put on blindfolds and the crowd followed suit, but the So-Far-sans-Raoden Group didn’t.

Raoden tried to detect if any magic suddenly appeared to find The Preacher, specifically conjuration to detect his key. He only found minor magic items. Through Max’s eyes Raoden tried to find any people with no blindfolds. He saw a group of thuggish people. Their arms were covered in the same place as the preachers thugs usually are. The group moved towards them.
Max noticed a bat flying around just like him to watch over people. Max followed the bat but couldn’t figure out what he was looking for.

When near the thugs, Max reported that another group appeared and The Preacher among them. The Preacher preached his usual preachment and left. The Preacher went to a door, took out a key, and put it in the lock. But just before he turned the key, he turned his head instead and looked directly at Max. He pointed his finger at Max, his eyes glowed yellow, and he banished him to whence he came.

The thugs dispersed, some of them putting on a blindfold. Raoden cast Hold Person on one of them. As the group tied him up, a watchman shouted at Raoden to stop. They told him that adventurers can’t arrest people willy nilly.
Aria noticed that their uniforms are not standard, they were changed to be puffier in the arms. Perhaps to hide their Preacher Marking!?
Aria asked who their commanding officer is and they answered Lieutenant Varren, whom Aria recognized. Fin removed the thug’s bracer and showed it to the guards and asked them if it seems familiar. They feigned ignorance.
Sergor recognised a patriar and called him over. Luckily, it was Ailen Whitburn.
He told the watchmen to stand down, and let his guards arrest the thug. They told the watchmen that the So Far Group will hand the thug to the Watch, but they will have access to the prisoner.

Finley investigated the thugs tattoo to see if it’s an actual bite mark but couldn’t figure it out.
One of the bodyguards taking the guard recognised Oliver and said he fucked his girl and for that he will do him a solid. He took them to some sequestered empty building.

Raoden told the thug that he’s not a crazy violent half-orc like Sergor, he’s a good cop who doesn’t want to see him tortured by a crazy violent half-orc. So he SUGGESTED he cooperated. But the prisoner rolled a 20.
Sergor walked up to him instead and cast Lesser restoration. He felt that something was affecting the thug, but it was too powerful to be cured with that spell. He tried Protection From Evil to the same effect. He felt that the prisoner was definitely under the influence of a sinister being.
Raoden recognized it as a charm, but the magic itself was long gone, leaving only a crazed fanatic.

Oliver stripped him to look for other tattoos. He found some that made it seem like he used to be a sailor.
Oliver asked him about his history. He told Oliver he was a sinner like him moving from port to port. He rambled about the gods using them as playthings and that the One True God will give them eternal life.
Oliver threatened his life and the thug was elated to be sent to the Eternal God.

Raoden took out his creator tokens and used Augury to ask them if questioning this man will give them any information that will lead them on the path to The Preacher. The result was both good and bad.

On closer examination Aria saw that the thug’s arm tattoo was covering puncture marks.
She asked how to join The Preacher. He said you must pass the trials, then they will know and let you in. He refused to let her know specifics in advance. He said you must cast the gods from your heart and the followers of The Preacher will come in the night, eyes glowing, and take you to your test.

Oliver ran out to buy holy water and tried to rub it on the prisoner’s bite mark, which did nothing.
The thug recognized Raoden and said the chosen ones are angry with him for interfering.
He referred to The Preacher as “the most holy one”
Sergor read Volo’s entry on vampires and discerned they are dealing with a thrall.
The group let the bodyguard take care of the thrall and bring him to the Watch.

They then went to Sow’s Foot to visit their favorite codecracker. He finished translating the book. They paid him with the Guild stash money and got the book titled INDEPENDENCEUZKURS CAPTAIN’S LOG.

It was about a (probably) gith spelljammer who escaped slavery from (probably) ilithids.
He searched for a sage named Gamalon Idogyr in Toril. He arrived during the spellplague and was warned against entering due to ships malfunctioning. He went in anyway, and crash landed in a flooded mine. His diary ended with him going to seek the sage.
Finley was very excited at the prospect of a plane-jumping ship being in their vicinity. But first they went to Marzat so Raoden can ask her about some stuff from the diary. However, a jew let us know she was busy at the moment. Raoden asked him to ask her if she knew the name Gamalon. After going and returning he said she did know the name and to come back tomorrow, then kicked them out.

Raoden resummoned Max who was confused by what happened to him and mad that Raoden did cool stuff without him. Raoden apologized and bribed him with a snack.

The group decided to rob a (G)u(i)ld(th) stash in Sow’s Foot. The stash was in the cellar of the Ham’s House butcher shop. Sergor went in and met a very fat gnome. He asked him what his most expensive cut was, then ordered tenderloin. Sergor surveyed the layout of the place while the gnome brought him his meat. He got his meat and said he’s going to eat it on the spot for some reason.

After a characteristically long deliberation, they concocted a flawless plan. When the last customer left, Max – invisible – flew in the open door and went to the back room. Raoden teleported Oliver in, who used a flying potion. He investigated the trap door and determined it was a trap door. He opened it and flew down the stairs. He lit a torch and saw barrels, crates, and a small shrine to a gnomish god. He investigated and saw what he thinks is a hidden door that definitely has no traps.

There was a small opening but he could not manage to pry it open. The opening continued down like a tube. He took a sausage hook and used it to pull the door out. It slid back and opened. He saw traps, as well as equipment, daggers, leather armor, etc.
Behind some crates there was a removable brick. He recognized the same trap from last stash. He disabled it and took the gold, replacing with ball bearings. In another crate he found hidden 3 flaming fist badges which he took as well. He set everything in its place, poured seawater on the hidden door’s mechanism to make it seem like it’s been unused for a long time next time someone opens it.

They celebrated a successful heist by sleeping in Stonyeyes. At night, it appeared to be completely unprotected. A lot of half orcs were walking around and doing things that justify the stereotypes against them, such as mugging and threatening honest folk.
In a tavern, Sergor made the barkeep cook the meat he bought and paid extra for the honor.
Everyone got pickpocketed, then didn’t find any rooms in any inns. They went to sleep in Little Calimshan.

23 Hammer

They woke up early Di next morning so Sergor’s uncle wouldn’t yell at him for associating with Oliver.
Everyone except Oliver went to the library. Sergor read about vampires and found out all the major vampire lords have different abilities and weaknesses, but they are all evil and the sun either kills them or weakens them.
By drinking all their blood, a vampire lord can create vampire spawn which are weaker and have to obey him. Thralls are put under the lord’s charm

Raoden tried to find things about spelljammers but the library had very limited information.
He looked into Gamalon Idogyr, who was the count of Spellshire and the court mage of Tethyr. There was no record of his death but there was a newer court mage.
He also copied the translation of the gith diary in hopes he could give the original as entrance for Candlekeep.

Raoden went to Marzat and a jew opened the door. He said he’ll check if she’s available and slammed the door. Minutes later Raoden was let in to the reception. He asked for tea just to make the jew work.
Marzat came in and told him his potion was good enough. She made him her apprentice, telling him he was to work from dawn til much after dusk, cleaning and doing back breaking labor. She promised to tell him all about his spelljammer curiosities over dinner.

In the Blushing Mermaid, Oliver met the harper agent. Oliver told him about their heist progress and he arranged for payment. He then refused to give his name but asked all about Nelly. After an awkward conversation Oliver left to the Steel Dragon Inn.

For Marzat’s dinner, Raoden refused to cook meat and made a vegetarian meal. She was very cross with him. She told him to follow the recipe exactly and treat with the precision of a potion recipe. He argued but she told him to follow the recipe precisely. He offered meat replacements so she offered Finley as a tutor replacement.

They talked about Raoden’s staff. Marzat told him it was given to her as a gift for helping an archfey. The crystal was her own addition, which she won in a duel against a red wizard.
He asked about the history of the crystal, and she said she will teach him how to magically study its history starting next week.
Raoden somehow connected it to Uzkur, but she saw no connection.
She said Gamalon was still alive last time she talked to him 25 years ago. She said Idogyr lived on the rock of Bral from before the spellplague. He is approximately 170 years old.
She explained that a helm is an engine that starts the spelljammer by converting wild space magical energy to kinetic energy, and phlogiston is a flammable material found in wildspace that allows you to travel faster by riding its currents.
They talked more about the larger world. She mentioned that she visited Selune once.
They finished dinner and sent him to do some chores.

The rest of the group mentally prepared for their meeting with Hawke tomorrow. But what will they ask him? Will they find the Independence, or at least learn a valuable lesson along the way? Will they ever go to Ulgoth’s Beard? Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z!!!!!!!